11+ Proven Python Developer Interview Questions +Answers

How will you find which component was responsible for breaking the software? Maybe it was component A that failed, which in turn failed component B, and this actually failed the software. This is why it is necessary how to become a python developer to test each and every component properly so that we know which component might be highly responsible for the failure of the software. Boolean equality operation can be performed using these NoneType objects.

You can perform slicing in Python by either extending indexing or using the slice() Constructor. Due to the high demand for Python developers, this blog covered the latest Python interview questions and answers for Python developers and technical recruiters in 2023. Global scope is a variable that is declared in the main part of a program. Global variables are accessible throughout a program, including within functions. You can make a local variable global by using the “global” keyword inside a function.

What is the difference between range & xrange?

Perhaps you want the candidate to focus on explaining current projects they’re working on, what testing frameworks they prefer, or their ability to mentor others on the subject of Python. We can identify if a dataframe has missing values by using the isnull() and isna() methods. If an index is not specified in the input method, then the keys of the dictionaries are sorted in ascending order for constructing the index. In case the index is passed, then values of the index label will be extracted from the dictionary.

Pyramid and Django are both geared at larger projects, but they approach extension and flexibility in different ways. Oddo is a Python-based all-in-one application that offers a wide range of business applications. The commercial application is built on the Tryton platform, which is provided by Python. Standard apps are not the same as business applications.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) – Python Interview Questions

Dictionaries are optimised to retrieve values for known keys. A dictionary can be directly passed as an argument to the DataFrame() function to create the data frame. A pandas groupby is a feature supported by pandas that are used to split and group an object. Like the sql/mysql/oracle groupby it is used to group data by classes, and entities which can be further used for aggregation.

  • This method is automatically called to allocate memory when a new object/ instance of a class is created.
  • Furthermore, understanding the key distinctions showcases your attention to detail and commitment to staying current with industry standards.
  • This bytecode can then be interpreted by the standard CPython interpreter or PyPy’s JIT (Just in Time compiler).
  • This approach allowed me to significantly reduce the overall execution time by running multiple coroutines concurrently, rather than waiting for each request to complete sequentially.
  • The code segments below demonstrate how to obtain, change, and remove data linked with the current session using the key “my bike” (browser).
  • Note that the underscore symbol is what you use to define a default case for the switch statement in Python.
  • Diving into your problem-solving skills is essential for interviewers when hiring a Python developer.
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