Remote Work Burnout: What it Means and How to Avoid it

Some believe it might be caused or worsened by individual factors, like depression, anxiety, or issues that are happening in a person’s personal life. We’ll take you through the causes of burnout, what work-from-home burnout looks like for remote teams, and how you can help your team deal with burnout at work when it happens. Creating a healthy remote workplace is essential to business success. If you or your company has an experience that would benefit the greater world, consider creating a merge request and adding a contribution to this page.

Defeating cognitive biases to return to the office successfully and thrive in the future of work requires the use of research-based best practices. It means creating a culture that focuses on better work–life boundaries by setting appropriate https://remotemode.net/blog/remote-work-burnout-fatigue-and-how-to-avoid-it/ work expectations for remote employees. The company ended up losing three key employees before Dave took action and helped implement best practices in burnout recovery and protection in the hybrid and remote future of work.

Remote work burnout, professional job stress, and employee emotional exhaustion during the COVID-19 pandemic

In Flexjob’s study, only 21 percent said they were able to have open, productive conversations with HR about solutions to their burnout. And 56 percent went so far as to say that their HR departments did not encourage conversations about burnout. When Dave decided to take action, he first collected evaluation reports from all team leaders who were working with the staff daily to find out ground realities. Another cognitive bias, which is related to functional fixedness, is called the not-invented-here syndrome.

  • What started as a short-term leave from the office has transformed into an entire workforce transition.
  • After all, work for many has not changed, and workers now find that their ability to change it themselves is diminishing.
  • He and the C-suite members felt glad they had adapted to best practices for remote and hybrid work, especially during the Omicron surge.
  • Or, put your laptop in a drawer or closet when you’re done with work.
  • Burnout is a combination of both internal and external symptoms, to overcome it requires both internal and external changes.

At ActivTrak, we want to help employees work wiser to prevent burnout, and that starts with using workforce analytics data to take a collaborative, open approach to productivity management. Even if your processes are optimized and your remote teams have the tools they need to succeed, employees may not be as productive if they’re feeling uninspired, unmotivated, and unaccomplished. It’s no surprise that in a recent survey by Deloitte, 83% of remote workers said that remote work burnout was negatively impacting their personal relationships. With no clear boundaries between work and life, some remote workers report feeling disconnected from their friends, families, and loved ones. The term “burnout” has become ubiquitous in the workplace in recent years. Tackling the issue is now a top priority for HR leaders, both for their organization’s workforce and within their own teams.

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A remote role can feel lonely, especially if you’re transitioning from a traditional office setting. It’s important to take inventory of your mental health and take action as needed. One of the difficult things about being a remote worker is that you’re never really “away” from your work physically, and you need to develop actual barriers between your work and personal life.

remote work burnout

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